Tips to improve performance of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Jelly Bean 4.1.1

I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S3 on ATT with Jelly Bean 4.1.1. Everything looked good for a few days until a few days later when I observed that the Battery was being discharged quite rapidly. When I looked at the battery under Settings, I noted that the top process to hog 50% of the battery was a process called the Exchange Services. I could also tell that the phone was heating up, so it must be working hard on something. I tried disabling this process and tried rebooting the phone, but nothing seems to have helped it. Here are the steps I took to bring it back to normal

  1. Using Samsung Kies, I backed up the phone
  2. Factory Reset – this resets the phone to 4.1.1 and walks you through the welcome wizard
  3. Deselected Location based services such as Google Now (see screen shots)
  4. Waited a while before I setup my exchange based email account. Under account options, I set it up the period synch Email to 1 day.

The above steps seemed to have done the trick. I have been running the phone for over the last 15 hours on a single charge and there is at least +70% of the battery left.


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