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Building with Lego–the future belongs to the curious minds

Building with Lego never gets old, especially when you have a child between the ages of 3-12. I noted my kids get engrossed in building something as soon as you give them the Lego building blocks. This is the best way to keep them busy and excellent for their brain development. If you have the time to encourage them a little, it gets even better.

Here is a picture of my 4 year older at the local bookshop totally lost in the world of creativity. I’m not exactly sure what he is building, but it makes me immensely happy to see him focused and busy.



Here is something my 10 year older built recently while my 4 year older watched on. Kids learning from other kids is amazing. Kids have the most curious minds and if we can find ways to keep them curious, the future will belong to them.



If you are going to buy a child a birthday or Chrismas present, why not give the gift of creativity – Lego Building Blocks.

Leave me a message on how a child you know has used Lego building blocks.

Check the Local YMCA for the Robotics Camp and enroll your child into it. My 10 year older was very impressed and had a wonderful time.

The future belongs to the curious minds Smile

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