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SQL Server 2008 R2: SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse and Parallel Data Warehouse

The summary below is created from Microsoft Webcast

Fast Track VS Traditional DW Architecture

Traditional Architecture
  • 4 processor 16/24 core server
  • Shared Network Bandwidth
  • SAN is shared between other apps
  • This creates a bottle neck on the storage processor
Fast Track
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • architecture based on Data Warehouse Appliances

  • Appliances are easy to acquire
  • Low cost SAN arrays 1 for every 4 CPU cores
  • Pretested by Microsoft Labs and lowers TCO
  • Encapsulates Best Practices
  • Scalable
  • Can be installed <1 day

  • Parallel SQL DW in the center
  • Allows Parallel Fast Data Copy to SQL 2008 R2 Reporting databases
  • Double arrow represent fast/parallel data copy

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