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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collaborate on Projects with Office 365

Here is a great video by :

Or watch the video at Youtube:
Here are the highlights:
  • Office 365 is a combination of SharePoint, Exchange for email and Lync for Instant Messaging
  • With Office Webapps, you can open and edit documents right within the browser
  • Instantly message your colleagues with Lync integrated with SharePoint
  • Co-Authoring enables multiple people to work on the same document at the same time
  • Connect and Synch your SharePoint (Project) Calendar with Outlook and vice-versa
  • Respond to Discussions on SharePoint from within Outlook
  • Create Expense Trackers on SharePoint
  • Create Dashboards on SharePoint using Web Parts
  • Connect and Synchronize Excel Spreadsheets with SharePoint. Great for entering expense or other line-items using Excel
  • Create Change Requests and manage them using Workflows. The thing I like about workflows is that with Visio Services integrated with SharePoint, you can easily see who the change request is waiting on.
  • Create forms with InfoPath and access the forms on SharePoint
  • With Microsoft Project’s integration with SharePoint, you can update tasks right within SharePoint and easily keep the project file synch’ed with SharePoint. All Project/Program Managers (myself included) make a note of this point. For large or small projects, developers and leads always want to know the latest and greatest schedule. Sometimes the latest version of the Project Plan remains with the Project/Program manager. I really like this feature.
  • Project Tasks (from the project file) can be imported into Outlook. Cool!
  • If you use OneNote to manage your project Notes, SharePoint makes Integration with OneNote a breeze. If you wanted your project notes can be shared.
  • SharePoint is integrated with Windows Phone. If you have a shared OneNote notebook, you can easily send updated from your Windows Phone to your notebook on SharePoint.