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Thinking of building some new skills this year? How about learning to code for free in 2012? Then (http://www.codecademy.com) is just the site for you. Codecademy Labs is a place for you to program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE. Share your programs with friends and use your knowledge from Codecademy lessons!

With developments in JavaScript gaining steam and great support by Microsoft and Google in enhancing the JavaScript engine, now is the best time to learn to JavaScript. Visual Studio 2011 now has full support for building Metro Style Apps using JavaScripts. Build dashing websites or blogs with a little JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Here is a great introduction to HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to whet your appetite:

Codeacademy JavaScript Console


Codeacademy Ruby Console


Codeacademy Python Console


Intro to codeacademy:

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