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Rent your car to someone nearby–getaround.com

Got a car sitting around not being used much? You could probably sell it and pay down your debt or mortgage which is what I would do. But if you didn’t want to sell it, another option is to rent it. Check out getaround.com


Rent cars to real people around you and earn money renting it.


But what about insurance?

Getaround rentals include insurance. Coverage includes liability, collision, property damage, and uninsured motorist protection.

How safe is it to rent?

Getaround screens drivers and vehicles to ensure they meet their eligibility requirements. After every rental, you rate the other party and leave feedback describing your experience.

What about Car Keys?

The Getaround Carkit installs in your car and lets renters access your car via their smartphone. If you don’t have an iPhone, you probably will need to meet the owner to pick up the keys and deliver it back.

Peer to Peer Car lending is an interesting concept as long as you don’t have any emotional ties back to your car and just fine renting it to others.

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