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Monday, December 24, 2012

Free iBooks from NASA - Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries & Webb Space Telescope: Science Guide

No matter what your age, there is always something to learn. At the time of this writing, NASA has made two of its iBooks free to download from iTunes. If you don’t have an iPad, you can also download a PDF version. These books are designed with entertainment and education in mind. They are designed to be highly interactive and you’ll have to try harder falling asleep while reading them. I have a first generation iPad, but even so the pictures are delivered with HD clarity. Overall, its well done and a must have while it is free. So, go download it today.


Here is a quick walkthrough of one of the iBooks:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cloudon MS Office app for iPad

If you have been waiting for MS Office for your iPad, then look no further. Head over to Apple’s app store and down Cloudon app. The company is not related to Microsoft in anyway, but has managed to produced an app that will let you create, edit, save MS World, Excel and Powerpoint files. You need to have a Dropbox account in order to be able to use the app as the app relies on the dropbox cloud service. Not sure if other cloud based services such as Microsoft Skydrive will be available in future releases.
I was able to download the app for free, but not sure if this will remain free for ever.
Here check out the pictures below.
“Don’t lose time switching devices. Use CloudOn to review Word documents, manipulate pivot tables in Excel, and show off your latest work in PowerPoint”
“Open, view and manage your files in the cloud using your Dropbox account.”

Pictures of app in action:
photo (2)
photo (3)
photo (4)
photo (5)
photo (6)
photo (7)
photo (8)
photo (9)
photo (10)
photo (11)
Strangely, I got an error the first time I tried creating a document. Not sure if this is due to the load on Cloudon or Dropbox servers. Smile
photo (12)
photo (13)
photo (14)
photo (15)